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Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring is the largest and most populous of the southern Gulf Islands, with approximately 10,000 residents. The Island enjoys one of the mildest climates in Canada and has half the rainfall of nearby Vancouver. During the winter, it usually snows once or twice, but the snow doesn’t last long. The summers are hot and dry.

Salt Spring Island has long been known as a very special place. The mild climate, sunny days, relaxing scenery, and close proximity to major centers on Vancouver Island and the mainland of BC have made Salt Spring a favorite with writers, artists, and those looking for a less hectic lifestyle

Salt Spring has a very interesting history. (Check out the Salt Spring Island Archives website.) The Island was a favoured spot of the Cowichan and Saanich First Nations people. When the Island was opened to other settlement, agriculture was the economic mainstay, and the island became known for its very fertile soil and beneficial climate. Many orchards were planted by the early settlers and some of those trees survive to this day. Salt Spring Island butter was famous and was specifically requested when British Royalty came to Victoria. Today tourism is the driver of the economy. Golf, sailing, hiking, kayaking, and many other leisure time pursuits are found in abundance. Many artists, musicians, and craftspeople have settled here and created a thriving arts community. And agriculture is flourishing. A very vibrant small scale farming communty produces a large volume of naturally grown vegetables and meat. Flavourful Salt Spring Island lamb and excellent artisan cheeses are served in the finest restaurants. New orchards of heritage apples have been planted. The Seed Sanctuary preserves heritage seeds for future generations. Heirloom lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and many other vegetable varieties are grown and offered for sale at the Saturday Market.

The Saturday Market is also a great place to view some of the fine work being done
by those artists and artisans who have settled here. There are enough galleries in Ganges to keep you busy all day and the self-guided studio tour provides a way to explore the Island and meet some of the local artists in their own settings.

The following links will help you explore the beauty and diversity of Salt Spring Island and its people.

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