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Winter comes early posted on December 04, 2006

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Winter has come with a vengeance...and it’s still only fall! Salt Spring Island doesn’t often get a foot of snow, or below-zero temperatures, and to have such weather come in November and last this long is truly unusual. Fortunately, we are well-equipped to handle the predictable power outage. At the first flicker of the lights, we fill the bathtub (for washing and flushing), the kettle, and our biggest stock pots with water. We stoke up the woodstove, light candles and kerosene lamps, and put matches next to our propane cook top, so we can cook even without electricity. Then, we feel prepared and quite cozy. The snow gives us a quiet time to think about planning next spring’s garden, a holiday from outdoor work, and a reminder that the true holiday season will soon be upon us. Best wishes to all who read this!

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