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Alder Creek Farm Journal

Spring 2006 posted on May 29, 2006

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This spring we’ve planted one thousand more strawberry plants, for a total of 2000 plants. We expect a fine crop this year. In addition to selling at Salt Spring Island’s famous Saturday market, and at the local farmer’s Tuesday market, we also supply some health food and organic food stores. And, of course, our family and our B&B guests get to enjoy these fresh organic strawberries all season long.

Everything is so green this time of year! The sun shines, the rain comes, and the plants thrive. The garden is mostly planted, except for the heat-loving vegetables like cucumbers, melons, peppers and eggplants. These will wait another couple of weeks before being transplanted from the greenhouse into the garden.

Our first stock fencing was completed this winter, and this four-acre pasture is now inhabited by 7 black bellied sheep and 2 white woolies, who are gorging themselves on the new May grass. Last evening, the wild deer and the tame sheep were munching noisily as they grazed side by side—a fitting overture to the song of the spring peeper frogs later on. Spring is truly here!

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