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Getting ready for winter posted on December 04, 2005

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This week we had an early snowfall along with the rest of southern British Columbia. However the garden still remains productive. There are potatoes, carrots and parsnips slumbering in the ground where they grew. Broccoli and Chard don't mind snow a bit. The winter crops of Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, and Perpetual Spinach are not ready yet but growing well. We ate the last Italian Sweet Pepper just the other day. Year round gardening on Salt Spring Island is a reality.

This fall we plowed up another acre or so and seeded it for hay next year. Fall rye, which is up already, was mixed with sheep and horse pasture seed. We seed by hand with a rotating spinner which throws out a wide swath of evenly spaced seed. No fertilizer of any kind is added. This is possible because the land we are opening up is virgin soil and quite fertile. We will have about 5 acres in hay for the next season.

The summer strawberry crop exceeded expectations. We picked more than one pint per plant and they lasted into mid October. These plants are Tristar Everbearing strawberries and the first year is usually the best. We will plant more next spring and then will have an early crop from last year's plants and a late, heavy crop from the new plants. Our B&B guests loved the strawberries.

This year we were delighted to meet the many interesting guests who chose our farm B&B for their Salt Spring Island visit. They came from as far away as China, France, Germany, California, Washington D.C. and several other US states, as well as most Provinces of Canada. We truly enjoy helping people discover our island sanctuary and promoting our farm concept of local, organic food.

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